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As an expert network cables supplier, TDII can deliver appropriate network cabling solutions across a variety of applications. Network cabling is the basic foundation that other network equipment & tools rely on. We are capable of providing network infrastructure managers with a broad option of networking supplies when they are choosing cabling system for their network. Being a trustable network cables supplier, TDII has your cabling solution.

At TDii, we intend to be an industry leading optical fiber manufacturer. Our mission is to be the premier global provider of added-value optical fiber-based solutions. We are able to achieve this through our dedication towards customer satisfaction.

As the industry leading cable manufacturer, TDii can provide both indoor and outdoor fiber optic cables for your optical communication projects. Since our founding, we have delivered innovative, customized, and competitive products in the fiber optic telecommunications.

TDii offers a wide range of RF cables and all of those coaxial cables are designed to meet precise RF industry specifications. Our coaxial cable is available in 50±2Ωimpedance.

This electric cable is suitable for control, monitor, and protection circuits with AC rated voltage lower than 450/750V. The cable jacket is resistant to sunlight, oil, and moisture penetration, making these cables appropriate for wet and dry locations as well as outdoors.

If you need to build high speed Ethernet, our bulk Ethernet cables can provide the flexibility to get the job done. According to the strict industry standards, we provide cat7, cat6, cat6A, cat5, cat5a. The Bulk Ethernet Cables are compliant to strict industry standards.

Since its establishment in 1999, TDII has been working with customers to create the best network cabling solutions to support their structured cabling systems. Our wealth of experience in the field of network infrastructure enables us to offer the complete services required in supporting and implementing your network cabling systems. Please contact us for more information about our network cabling services.

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