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    1. Optical Fiber
    2. Optical FiberAt TDii, we intend to be an industry leading optical fiber manufacturer. Our mission is to be...
    1. Fiber Optic Cable
    2. Fiber Optic CableAs the industry leading cable manufacturer, TDii can provide both indoor and outdoor fiber ...
    1. Coaxial Cables
    2. Coaxial CablesTDii offers a wide range of RF cables and all of those coaxial cables are designed ...
    1. Electric Cable
    2. Electric Cable This electric cable is suitable for control, monitor, and protection circuits with ...
    1. Bulk Ethernet Cables
    2. Bulk Ethernet CablesIf you need to build high speed Ethernet, our bulk Ethernet cables can provide ...
Featured products

As an expert network cables supplier, TDII can deliver appropriate network cabling solutions across a variety of applications. Network cabling is the basic foundation that other network equipment & tools rely on. We are capable of providing network infrastructure managers with a broad option of networking supplies when they are choosing cabling system for their network. Being a trustable network cables supplier, TDII has your cabling solution.

    1. FTTx Solution
    2. FTTx SolutionTDii can provide you with complete FTTx solutions, including the digital distribution frame, optical fiber distribution frame, network cabinet, outdoor cabinet, optical cross connection cabinet, PLC splitter, optical fiber splitting cabinet, optical cable splice closure, optical fiber connector, optical fiber distribution pigtail, etc. The ODN PON network solution is also available. Learn More
    1. Intelligent Building Solution
    2. Intelligent Building SolutionTDii provides intelligent cabling solutions for intelligent/smart buildings. The cabling infrastructure is the foundation of an intelligent building, which can support the integrated network of building systems. The intelligent building cabling system is a modular and highly flexible information transmission channel inside and among buildings. Learn More
    1. The Cloud Data Center Cabling Solution
    2. The Cloud Data Center Cabling SolutionThe new era of Big Data and Cloud Computing promotes the development and construction of large cloud data centers. TDii can provide high-quality fiber optical products and cables to meet the construction requirements of the cabling system. A custom cloud data center cabling solution is available to perfectly suit your needs. Learn More
    1. The Rail Transit Cabling Solution
    2. The Rail Transit Cabling SolutionTDii is able to provide a variety of cable products and cabling solutions for the secure information transmission of railway and rail transit. These include subway signal cables, RF and leaky cables, communication cables for railway, railway axle counter cables, VFD cables, fiber optical cables, etc. Learn More
About Us

Tongding Group was established in 1999 with total assets of 22.8 billion RMB and a headquarter with a floor area of 2400,000 ㎡. As its core subsidiary company, Tongding Interconnection Information Co., Ltd. (TDii)(stock code: 002491) is an industry-leading manufacturer of optical fiber, fiber optic cable, RF coaxial cable, electric cable, and bulk Ethernet cable. We can also provide integrated solutions for your data networks and telecommunications. At TDii, we made a commitment to quality, performance, and service. Today, we are leaders in the engineering and manufacturing of a variety of high-performance, top-tier cabling and connectivity solutions.

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